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The Irish Post

Lordoftherams.com is now the cheapest place to buy a copy of the book that critics have described as "genuinely funny" (Books Ireland), "a real treat to read" (The Irish Post), "a diverting and entertaining read" (Evening Herald) and a "quirky, approachable, deranged and tight autobiography" (The Boogle).

You can order signed copies of Lord of the Rams directly from the author Ronan Smith for only €10 ‘ͺ that's a massive saving of €4.50 from the recommended retail price. Furthermore, this price includes free worldwide postage and packaging.

To receive a signed copy of the book for €10, please complete the secure (Paypal) form below (the remainder of your transaction will then be handled by Paypal).

Please allow 7-28 days for delivery.

Number of Books:

Ronan will inscribe the inside front page of the book with whatever name you enter in the text box below (e.g. Hi John. With best wishes, Ronan - or something similarly clich¨¦d). If you don‘―t enter anything, Ronan will just write his name on the inside front page.

Click here to buy the book online from Amazon, Play and a host of other online retailers.



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